Painting by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss Has Powers Too Refine
Those Angry Thoughts In Our Mind.
For Harsh Anguish, It Has Answers,
Turning Hard Hearts Into Romancers

Where Or When In History's Flow,
How It Was Started, We Do Not Know.
Nothing On Earth Is Its Equal,
Except Its Repeat In Rapturous Sequel.

The Kiss Engulfs A Range Of Emotions.
Representing Love's Great Devotions.
This Nectar Of Love In Suppliant Sips,
Explodes As It Enfolds On Willing Lips.

Its Foundation Is In Every Nation.
All May Enjoy Its Intimate Sensation.
a Kiss Requires So Little Urge,
And Offers Each An Electric Surge!

There Is Nothing Close To Contend
With Its Soft, Succulent Blend.
Without The Slightest In Persistence,
a Kiss Travels To A Higher Existence.

All Worldly Hurts We May Share
Are Quickly Vanquished In Its Flair.
Our Life Attains Its Highest Peak
When Kissing A Child On Its Cheek.

We Thank The Gods, Wherever They Be
For Allowing Kisses Through History.
This World Would Truly Be Amiss.
If We Could Not Enjoy The Exotic Bliss.
That's Always As Close
As Our Next Little Kiss