the bloom of spring

We are sitting in a taxi, on our way from the Moma to the Gramercy Park hotel for some well deserved lunch. The streets are lined with flower covered trees. There is a sweet sense of the magnolia in the air and every where possible you catch the deep colours of the tulips. Arriving at the hotel you get a glimpse of the very special park it is located next to. The mysterious and romantic feeling you get is almost as wonderful as falling in love. This is a private park, of which the key is changed annually; such privacy.

Whether it’s the buzz of Mid-town, the cupcakes in the West Village, the shopping in Soho or the flowers in Gramercy Park; Spring brings out the best of New York. Especially the colours have a wonderful effect on the whole setting of the city. Its surely is one of the best times to experience the wonders this diverse place has to offer.

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Photos by Eveline Kusters, 2010, NYC