come rain, come shine

photo from Mochatini

The sky is grey again today. It is raining on one side of the island and on the other the sun is shining brightly. The streets are filled with water and the all the cars are dirty. I have been checking the weather forecast for Amsterdam. It will be about 17 degrees (during the day, which means 10 at night). Though this not as warm as I would prefer to have it, I can already imagine myself curled up on DR’s couch with a cup of tea, surround by fresh flowers, candles, loads of magazines (ohh and of course a bottle of champagne later on in the evening) laughing till it hurts while it is a little chilly out. I hope this goes on for all of 2 days, after which I would appreciate it if the weather people can make it 25 degrees in order for us to have a BBQ on the roof top with mojitos and a spare-rib eating contest. (with either DJ Mar or myself winning).