all that jazz II

This weekend was simply incredible. The sounds of jazz filled the air around the island. Friday at midnight, after inspiring shows of La India, George Benson and Luis Enrique, the stage got ready for the grand show of Lionel Richi. On Saturday, whether you started the evening with the jazzy sounds of Natalie Cole or the sweet Brazilian music of Sergio Mendes, we all ended up at the main stage for the sweet performance of John Legend, who was joined for his closing song by Natalie Cole. We ended the night with all the love from Simply Red. We danced (as though no one was watching), we laughed and we enjoyed.

There are few moments when the mind and the body can be in such equilibrium as when one is dancing freely, without worry (yes, the cocktails help), and feel completely alive without a worry in the world.

On this wonderful Sunday afternoon, remember to put some music on, dance a little. I am off to the beach. What a wonderful weekend it is.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

- Martha Graham, Bloody Memory-