macaroon delight

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised with some of the most delicious things in the world.
A few years ago, when I first had the pleasure to visit Paris, I was introduced to the wonderful shop of Laduree. This shop, turned concept, turned legend, started in 1862. You might call it an upper class bakery, a sweet saloon, a house of grandeur or simply the loveliest place in Paris. I am certainly one for the romantic notions of the 19th century; the amazingly large dresses, the opulent interiors, the group orchestrated dances, and the ballrooms filled with a sense of delight. (of course I choose to disregard all the unhygienic, unequal living conditions also connected to this time period,.... let's just keep to the lovely things, shall we?). We you enter a Laduree shop in Paris, it is as if you are stepping back in time to this grand world of how Paris used to be. (a bit Marie Antoinette, you could say). Now, you can imagine the sheer delight I felt when I came across this wondrous place for the first time. During all my visits to Paris, the one place I would always end up was on the Rue Royal in my favorite Laduree shop to buy, packed in the most exquisite boxes, the sensually delicious macaroons that they are famous for.

And thus, yesterday, when I was presented with a beautiful turquoise bag with the gold Laduree logo brought to me all the way from Paris, my heart skipped a beat and all the taste-buds in my body smiled. There appears a tingling feeling when you slowly open the bag and the magic of the boxes (so beautiful, you don't want to open them) appear before you and you can only smile. (This is just by looking at them.... imagine actually eating these delicious macaroons).

Have a deliciously sweet day.

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