unequaled zest

Image via Sacramento Street

I find it continuously amazing that the simple act of ‘starting’ a new year can boast one’s energy level to new heights. Most Monday mornings I wake up refreshed and happy to start a new week, full of inspiring ideas and a zest for life unequaled any other day of the week (I know…you are thinking…’Friday must be better than Monday’…). A new year however, and actually, specifically the first day back at the office after an intense weekend of celebrations, has the same enthusiasm multiplied many times over. As if on some odd physiological level the world seems sunnier and more energetic.

Not too over indulge myself in new years resolutions, I have decided on two very (I hope) simple ones: 1. be nicer and 2. write more. Let’s see if all the excitement and enthusiasm will work to manage those two resolutions.

 Take one day at a time, live in the moment, be present!

Enjoy your week.