bye bye curacao, hello los angeles

It is 10pm on this dark and cloudy Wednesday evening in Curacao, my bags are packed, the clothes ironed (it is a miracle...I know), my tickets printed and my passport ready. Tomorrow morning, very early, I will be saying "bye bye" to my paradise island and 'hello" to Los Angeles. It will be the beginning of the (mini) world trip. One that will take me from L.A. to Beijing, to Dubai, to Beirut and then to Miami (yes, I realize some of you might think I am crazy....but try to think of it as....well.....just adventurous (in a weird way)....ok?).

During the coming 3 weeks I will try to update the blog as best as possible. To give you a glimps of this wonderful journey around the world. I will try to bring you the smallest most unexpected things that each of these destinations has to offer (and of course all the airports I will be visiting).