Built in 2001
Beirut, Lebanon
Architect Bernard Khoury

Our last night in Beirut we went to a great place called Centrale for some drinks (dodo shots to be exact....a seemingly delicious yet quite spicy drink with an olive…of course). The restaurant is housed on the ground floor in a large open, yet cozy space. The ceilings are high and stop where the bar begins. The bar, almost hanging, in the building is accessible by elevator (one of the coolest elevators I have ever seen….lounge bed included). The Centrale Bar is a round tube (to put is lightly) which hangs on top of the restaurant, has ceilings which open during the summer and is architecturally very interesting to see. Certainly a must go to place while in Beirut.

The Centrale project is housed in a recuperated ruin of a 1920's residential structure that is placed under historical protection. It is located in an area that was deserted during the civil war due to its proximity to the demarcation line that separated east and west Beirut. To the vicinity of the site is the Beirut Central District historical quarters that have been subject to a general rehabilitation scheme through which the formal features of ottoman, colonial and other various influences were restored to their "original" state. (from the website of Bernard Khoury)