Images from Tom Ford Glasses

It has come to the point that I need glasses (not sunglasses); not something I had particularly looked forward to. It took quite some looking around to find a pair I liked (let's be honest I first had to get used to the fact that my face looked completely different with a pair of glasses....cause changes you face dramatically. These are not the all stylish, wonderful sunglasses that look chic and sophisticated when lounging away on the beach. Though I must say that the ones I choose look quite nice and after a while of having them one I got used to this "new" look of mine. (of course I received the necessary teasing regarding my age (I am not that old) and my brother was quick in giving me the new nickname "four eyes" before I had even bought the glasses). I am sure that within a few weeks I will be completely accustomed to having them one and no on will notice anything different (I really hope so). In any case, I have the lenses as back up. Let's see how it goes. :)