high heels

Today I came across an article by Neal Blitz about ‘high heel hangovers’; the article, quite insightful and helpful was a nice read. It was however, some of the comments below that were very funny. One of them….and I quote (no…I was not the one who wrote this) “I wear stilettos or high heels just about everyday, if they hurt that means the style or size is not right for me” (I do agree of course, if it hurts it means it is just not styled correctly) (or maybe we just keep repeating this to convince ourselves that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a pair of wonderfully sexy (red-soled) high heels). And, if by chance you are at least willing to admit to yourself that your feet hurt beyond belief, that a rest might indeed be a good idea and that there is a part of your wardrobe that looks awesome with ballerinas……read the article by Neal.

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