Mezza Dubai

It is a fact that in Dubai buildings, streets and complete neighbourhoods simply appear as if it were magic. During our stay there, the craving of the 'oh so delicious' Lebanese food enticed us to eat at Mezza (hmmm this was indeed a few days before flying off to Lebanon, where I must admit the food was simply divine). While making the reservation a clear route description was given of how to get to the restaurant. (note: the restaurant was referred to us by a family member who had previously eaten there). Our taxi driver, full of confidence (at first) followed the instructions perfectly and drove us to the requested location. However..... (of course there is a 'however') as we were approaching the exact location the driver firmly mentions that there are NO RESTUARANTS on this side of the street; upon which we see the sign of Mezza, in neon blue. The reaction of the driver: "it wasn't here FIVE DAYS ago". Seriously 5 days ago.... though extremely possible in Dubai, that was stretching it a tiny bit. (Once in side the restaurant it was further more confirmed that this place surely opened more than 5 days ago). It was just such a wonderful, almost innate reaction of his to suggest the place had only recently (extremely recently) opened, that it could hardly be held against him. So next time you are in Dubai, visit Mezza, across from the uber chic Address Hotel.