summer lovin

Images via various sources.

It's hot! The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is up. It is summer and really all I would like to be doing is enjoying the beach and the beautiful turquoise ocean. (Ok, I am a fortunate in this way already, as twice a week I get to do this........hmmmm all year round.....(my apologies for the people in Europe.....we can't have it all; and though leaving behind the summer festivals, the weekend trips to the Cote d' Azure and H&M is certainly not easy..... all the weekends spent on the boat savoring the Caribbean sun surely makes up for the fabulous summers in Europe. Where ever you might be this summer, just make sure to look chic while in Sardinia, add loads of sun-block while in Curacao, party the night away in Ibiza and when in France have some macaroons with champagne. 

Loads of hugs
And loads of smiles

(oh and send postcards)