castello del nero

Florence Italy

Most people who have met me know that I have the unique and uncanny ability to pre-plan (even fantasy wise) all sorts of travel ideas which might possibly inspire me any given day. I think that this year alone I might have put together at least 15 trips or so (of course I won't be going on all of them....probably just a few.....if I plan well of course), but the mere act of indulging myself the planning of such adventures is already a mini-vacation. And so, yesterday morning I woke up with the ever so wonderful feeling that a trip to Italy would be quite nice this time of year. Within a matter of minutes I had found a gorgeous place to stay, the Castello del Nero near Florence.
Just picture it, on a scooter heading to Pisa and the Chianti wine region, lounging away on the terrace eating the most delicious pasta known to man, having a perfect espresso before breakfast with the view of the Italian landscape surrounding you and after a long day relaxing in the indulgent spa. (ahhh after reading this I am sure you will be well on your way to planning a trip yourself). Yep....seems like a plan.