west punt

Images from own collection 
West Punt, Curacao 

This weekend was happily spent at West Punt. Just relaxing with the sound of the waves always in the background, eating delicious food, swimming in the gorgeous crystal blue waters and taking the Saint out for a ride along the coast. Curacao is a relatively small island, yet the one hour drive still seems like an eternity as it brings you to a world of peacefulness. Early in the morning as the sun is slowly coming up, the fisherman make their way for their daily catch, the vast blue ocean, in all the possible shades, lies before them. It is a lazy Sunday morning, quiet, with only the sounds of the birds in the background. We "relax" (also the name of the house where we are staying....quite appropriate), on the gazebo while having breakfast. It is nice to notice that time somehow stands still on such days.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.