the dressing room

Images via various sources
Including habitually chic

This week I hope to rearrange and restyle my closet. The space, which was used by the previous owners as a bedroom, has since my move to the house been transformed into the quintessential dressing room. (Yep, it' a dressing room not just a closet, more like a tiny hide-a-way from the rest of the world). The room does need some work to make into the chic "hide-a-way" I'd like it to be, so, I suppose that cleaning it out is the first step (mind you this is definitely the most difficult step). Of course the gorgeous pieces will forever remain in any size closet I will ever own in my life..... something’s, no matter how seldom worn, are essential to the balance in my closet (hmmm just sounds like an awesome excuse to keep stuff… it’s my closet, no one will mind).

One day I am sure that my dressing room will be as chic as all of the ones posted above. (How wonderful would that be). :)