This morning I woke up with a sudden (much unexplained) need to have chic luggage. This has of course become somewhat of a treasure hunt, as most of the uber chic suitcases are immensely heavy (and considering all the weight restrictions airlines have these days), we need to (unfortunately) pack practically for travel. If it were up to me I would have a beautiful red (or beige....really I'd like both) Globe-Trotter suitcase (and the vanity case to match.....of course....). One day.....for now, I just dream and enjoy these wonderful images (and my sturdy red Samsonite will do for now).
What keeps your treasures safe while travelling?

Globe-Trotter is a modern heritage brand established in 1897. Founded by Englishman, David Nelken, in Saxony Germany, the company soon returned to the UK in 1901 where it has remained ever since. Today, Globe-Trotter products are style icons adopted by purveyors of traditional craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic.
Globe-Trotter cases have been used over the last 100 years by an enviable client list. Captain Robert Falcon Scott traveled with Globe-Trotter on the infamous Antarctic expedition in 1912. Sir Winston Churchill used a Globe-Trotter Dispatch Case during his position as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924. H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage in 1947 (and continues use her cases to this day). Sir Edmund Hilary ascended to first base camp with Globe-Trotter during his conquest of Everest in 1953.