happy friday

Image from own collection

Good morning and welcome to another wonderful edition of "Friday".
Today I am adding those touches of colour again.
My "oh-so-lovely" orange ballerinas with a (prepare yourself) red LV bucket bag. (Yes, orange and red.....) (am loving it.....just makes me smile) and I will include something from the "Encyclopedia of the Exquisite" (such a chic little book):

A holiday period ending the work week

"The two-day weekend was a long time coming. For much of the nineteenth century, workers put in ten-to-fourteen hour days six days a week, recovering on Sunday. Only around 1850 did Saturday become a half day for laborers in the US and in England. Then after strikes, union barganing- and brave batling- the weekend concept picked up speed, and the term entered our vocabulary.

 Encyclopedia of the Exquisite
by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins