dean & deluca

It is a surprisingly warm, yet rainy afternoon in NYC. Like any “New Yorker” (yeah…. wishful thinking) I am sitting on a high chair in Dean and Deluca’s looking out on to the busy street, eating a bagel and having a coffee. I am happy to note the place is inside the lobby of the hotel and to make life just a little bit more special; they sell macaroons here (perhaps I haven’t been in a Dean & Deluca in such a long time that I am only now noticing this new macaroon addition, but I love it)(ok, they are not Laduree macaroons…but I am seriously not in a picky mood). As the hurried umbrella’s walk by and the sky darkens even though it is only 4.30pm, the innate buzz that somehow engulfs you the moment you cross any bridge into Manhattan surrounds you everywhere you go. Since I arrived at the hotel, I haven’t set a foot outside, and yet, I already feel completely part of the city (am waiting for the rain to pass and family to arrive….. and happily enjoying this moment).