hello monday

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Well, it is quite lovely (and relieving) to know that today I will be finally handing-in my thesis. (yippie.....I'd like to scream it from the top of my lungs). I must say, that it was quite some work (more than I had anticipated....and I seriously believe I read more these last few months than ever before). However.....lets get to the important part of this post. Considering that all will go well, I will graduate soon. Lucky us, the graduation is in New York (I know....its amazing...and really it was one of the main reasons for actually doing the masters degree......just kidding). In any case, end of the month I will be happily flying to the big apple for some much needed city time. This is the first year (in well....a long time) that I have not visited New York and so I am extremely excited (I really think the streets of Soho have missed me.....(really my fantasy abilities astound even me).

If you have any "must-do" things like amazing stationary shops, a beautiful fabric shops (I love to have my clothes made) and the best place to find some gorgeous vintage pieces, delicious restaurants or great clubs/bars, do let me know.
Have a wonderful week!
Smile loads


“Every end is a new beginning”