happy friday

 Image via Dustjacket Attic

The last few weeks I have been loving a new pair of white pants I added to my wardrobe. They are so comfortable and somehow white pants have a certain allure to them. It's simple; I live on a Caribbean Island, usually implying warm sunny days. However, we are having our (what seems like an ever lasting) rainy season. And so, there I was on Wednesday afternoon, coming back from a lovely lunch, wearing my white pants and a nice polka-dot top, and stuck in my car (you are indeed reading this correctly, I was stuck in my car).....for at least 10 min of a serious pouring down (10min of intense rain is quite unusual for the island.....or at least it used to be). At a certain point, with my umbrella (a borrowed one), my bag, heels and white pants, I got out of the car and ran (hmmm overstatement....it was more like a light jog....there was so much water), to the building. 

That afternoon, I unfortunately had to decide to leave my white pants in the closet for just a few more weeks till the rain passes. Ok, I understand that all of you living in the northern countries have absolutely no sympathy with me (I must admit it is still 27 degrees here even while it rains), but white pants....I am sure you understand the (incredibly embarrassing) result of getting those wet. (luckily I was able to avoid any major damage and embarrassment this week). 

From my rainy paradise island I wish you a beautiful weekend. 
May it be filled with sunny days and loads of smiles.