happy monday

Good morning and welcome to another wonderful week in 2012. I often say that I miss Europe or any big city for the wonderful nights out and parties one can have there (as to say that here on the island it some-times feels as if we are somehow missing out on that). I have to say that yesterday I was one of the lucky ones to enjoy an amazing party on the water. Boats from Aruba and Bonaire joined us in Curacao for an epic Fuikdag. I danced for 6 hours on a yacht to great music (this boat has a sound system that should be in a night-club), surrounded by great people and of course delicious champagne. Today I miraculously woke up full of energy (ok, I was in bed by 9pm, exhausted) and enjoying all the great pictures and video's people are sharing. If ever you have a chance to be in Curacao for Fuikdag, I am sure you will have the time of your life as well. Today it is back to healthy eating, getting loads of work done and simply enjoying. 
 Have a splendid week.
Smile loads.