happy friday

All so chic.

When you live in the Caribbean people somehow think you either live on the beach (ok, I have a view of the water in the morning), spend all your days eating coconuts (hmm, does coconut oil count) and go around wearing summer dresses (only in the weekend....I promise). In reality...we do tend to work here as well (with mandatory Caribbean vacations each weekend). So this weekend, to take a break from Curacao we are taking the yacht and heading to Aruba (yep....another island....cause really...who could get enough of this). On Sunday we'll be starting the engines early in the morning (I wrote "we" but in reality I have quite little to do with the whole process), making our way through the calm waters of "Spaanse Water" toward the Caribbean Sea and heading West to the happy island of Aruba (it takes about 5 hours at sea, enough time to simply enjoy the hundred shades of blue, the sound of the waves and the wind and a few magazines to entertain me). Ah, no worries....Tuesday I will be back at the office just like everyone else in the world.

As for my parents; they are enjoying a weekend in the Netherlands, soaking in the cool spring weather (recovery of the summer heat we have here), shopping a bit and lingering along cute Dutch cobblestone streets lined with delicious tiny restaurants and cafes. (ah yes.... I do miss that a bit as well actually.... thank goodness for travel).

Enjoy your weekend; wherever in the world you are.
Smile loads.