do you marimekko?

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 While in Finland I "discovered" this wonderful brand. The colours alone inspire you to enter the shop. Now of course I know this brand is quite well known and has quite a few shops around the world. I for one am so happy I now know of it. And of course, both a few beautiful and special items from the current collection - including the dress shown here. I love it. 

For more information and inspiration on the colourful Marimekko, visit their website.

A few quotations from the Marimekko Company

"It’s a couple of years before Viljo and Armi Ratia’s company Printex becomes Marimekko, but Armi already has a clear idea of the future. "One has to dream," Armi says. "And one must stand out from the rest."

"It is our intention to bring our fashion shows to the world’s fashion capitals on a more frequent basis, and we are delighted to start in Tokyo where the crowd of Marimekko friends has been growing and growing over the years,” says Noora Niinikoski, Head of Fashion Design of Marimekko.

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