If you've been a reader of this blog for some time it is probably obvious that I love to travel. Everything from the packing to the city walks interests me. My favourite aspect though is the travel research. I can spend hours on websites and in books looking for specialty restaurants, boutique hotels, vintage shops, undiscovered paths and amazing bookshops, about any given destination. Whether I have been there or not the research is always fun.

I also love to share the information I find. And have been contemplating for some time now what the best format is to share that information (my Excel Sheets don't look very attractive). And although I am not sure that the right format has been found, I thought it might be best to just try something out. So the Travel section was created.

Now, don't be shocked. There are only four destinations on the page. More will come soon. But hey, I am (it seems) a bit excited to share this with you and why wait for a few more weeks I thought. So to start there is Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen and New York City. To use a fancy term; this is the Beta Site (oelala I have a Beta site.... I hope I am using this term correctly). And, this being the Beta Site, I welcome you to let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, awesome places that you think should be added to the destinations and any other tips that may be helpful.

The goal is to share the information I find - and update it as often as possible of course. At the moment the plan is to only have destinations I've actually been to. That might change. Or I will just have to travel a bit more (yes, even more).

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