dean & deluca II

Images via own collection
Dean & Deluca, Soho NYC

Ok, the Dean and Deluca in the hotel lobby was great (small and cute), but the one in Soho.....oh wow. What an amazing place, full of absolutely delicious things. We couldn't resist and had some prosciutto, olives and a cheese plate to taste (while standing at the window and watching the crowds pass by).....hmmm and some how looking after all of our shopping bags. Really a great day of shopping with my mom and aunt.

hello monday

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Well, it is quite lovely (and relieving) to know that today I will be finally handing-in my thesis. (yippie.....I'd like to scream it from the top of my lungs). I must say, that it was quite some work (more than I had anticipated....and I seriously believe I read more these last few months than ever before). However.....lets get to the important part of this post. Considering that all will go well, I will graduate soon. Lucky us, the graduation is in New York (I know....its amazing...and really it was one of the main reasons for actually doing the masters degree......just kidding). In any case, end of the month I will be happily flying to the big apple for some much needed city time. This is the first year (in well....a long time) that I have not visited New York and so I am extremely excited (I really think the streets of Soho have missed me.....(really my fantasy abilities astound even me).

If you have any "must-do" things like amazing stationary shops, a beautiful fabric shops (I love to have my clothes made) and the best place to find some gorgeous vintage pieces, delicious restaurants or great clubs/bars, do let me know.
Have a wonderful week!
Smile loads


“Every end is a new beginning”

a tiny bit of nyc

Image via So Adorable

This weekend I am happily flying to NYC to visit Miss V, just to relax in a warm café drinking cappuccinos and enjoying the feel of winter for 3 days (that is most probably the most of winter I can handle). Now what to pack? Of course the cute little gloves, black stockings, the camel coat and my chic grey LV boats. Ohh, tis the season to dress up for winter J

the bloom of spring

We are sitting in a taxi, on our way from the Moma to the Gramercy Park hotel for some well deserved lunch. The streets are lined with flower covered trees. There is a sweet sense of the magnolia in the air and every where possible you catch the deep colours of the tulips. Arriving at the hotel you get a glimpse of the very special park it is located next to. The mysterious and romantic feeling you get is almost as wonderful as falling in love. This is a private park, of which the key is changed annually; such privacy.

Whether it’s the buzz of Mid-town, the cupcakes in the West Village, the shopping in Soho or the flowers in Gramercy Park; Spring brings out the best of New York. Especially the colours have a wonderful effect on the whole setting of the city. Its surely is one of the best times to experience the wonders this diverse place has to offer.

Read more about Gramercy Park here
Photos by Eveline Kusters, 2010, NYC

life is a brunch

photo from Bagatelle

There are very few times when a single brunch can provide you with so much positive energy that you will keep smiling for weeks to come. Such a brunch we were able to enjoy last Sunday in the NYC. The food was great; the waiters were amazing, the Bellini’s were succulent, the wine perfect, the summer cocktails marvelous and the music so great we were all dancing on our chairs. What a great Easter Brunch. One we will remember for many years to come.