interior inspiration

 Images 1 and 2 via the always amazing 
Loving the Egg chair. Looking for one as well. 

Yesterday I had to remember this quote. 
For our TEDxHoogstraat media coverage I had a short interview on a local radio station.
Nerve racking I tell you. But - though I am sure it was not the best interview ever, I am (today) happy it happened. It was in Dutch - not my favourite interview language, but I managed. And hopefully the audience now knows about this great event we are organizing. 

Hope you are having an awesome week. 

think nordic


 While traveling in Scandinavia I so enjoyed all the wonderful, clean and natural design elements they have all around - though you might find different touches from Stockholm, to Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallinn - they all had the clean shapes and earthy tones in common. 
Now we are thinking of incorporating some of this into our home (ok...I have to admit I am the one saying "think Nordic" all the time......). We have a splendid loft style home, with a beautiful view and of course an amazing walk in closet. Naturally I will be posting some "before and after's" if we decide to go ahead with the whole "think Nordic" look. 
What do you think? Any ideas? 

family tree

Images from my own collection 
Kindly inform me if you would like to use them. 
Thanks to Verele Ghering- Engels for all the amazing information. 
Other related sites: The Curacao Museum and Villa Belvedere 

"Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories"

My grandmother comes from an amazing family. I love spending time with her and listening to her stories about her life, the people that make up our family and the amazing things each of them went through and contributed. 

It is also great to hear these stories from other family members, - and so this weekend we had quite the information session with loads of family members, a visit to an extraordinary house on the island and beautiful stories and memories. 

My grandmother is 83. She comes from a long line of interesting, talented and extraordinary people. She still cooks lunch for us every day, we sit around her dining table and laugh, talk and enjoy.
The photos of the house above are of Stroomzigt , a house that was very much part of my grandmother’s life when she just moved to the island, where her children went to the doctor, where her relatives lived and a place she was very happy to visit this past weekend. Stroomzigt is an exquisite home, filled with art, music, colour and a great deal of Curacao's history. Thank you to Verele Ghering-Engels for giving us the opportunity to see this with our families. It is such a privilege to share this with my grandma and the rest of my family. 


"Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one" 

 Photo courtesy: Verele Ghering-Engels 
The family Ecker

interior inspiration


Both images via the exquisite Casa Tres Chic

White, with a touch of colour. I love it. 
Especially the green chairs and the red table - a bit of antique amidst the modern.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 
We are having quite some family over - always fun, with loads of kids running around, small family reunions and amazing food. Tomorrow we're having a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party for a little princesses.

summer love

 Image 1 by Garance Dore (always so wonderful), 
Images 3 - 6 via Pinterest

Yep, it's only Thursday, but I am already looking forward to the weekend and heading to the beach. 
It is always so relaxing and beautiful to be out on the ocean, surrounded  by so much blue. 
The water is such a nice temperature this time of year, it's summer and the kids are playing in the sand and on the slides. 
Island living - this is definitely one of the perks of living in Curacao. 

hello monday

Images from my own collection 
A few details from my home, July 15th 2013, a beautiful and cloudy Monday morning. 
I found peonies in Curacao...yippie and the Kiehl's body cream is amazing, thanks Odes.

Hope you had a splendid weekend. 
Mine was filled with relaxing moments and nice dinners with our families. 
Of course yesterday it was back to my "normal" Sunday on the boat and it was great as always. 

Have a splendid week 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit"


Images from own collection

Peterhof is an absolutely magical place in St. Petersburg.
The gardens are like a fairytale. Tulips everywhere, fountains flowing, an impressive and inspiring history and yes, we had blue skies and warm weather (so lucky). 
I hope one day you will be able to visit (I will surely try to go there again....with a bit more time to explore the grounds).

For more information on Peterhof visti the following link.

do you marimekko?

Image via here

 While in Finland I "discovered" this wonderful brand. The colours alone inspire you to enter the shop. Now of course I know this brand is quite well known and has quite a few shops around the world. I for one am so happy I now know of it. And of course, both a few beautiful and special items from the current collection - including the dress shown here. I love it. 

For more information and inspiration on the colourful Marimekko, visit their website.

A few quotations from the Marimekko Company

"It’s a couple of years before Viljo and Armi Ratia’s company Printex becomes Marimekko, but Armi already has a clear idea of the future. "One has to dream," Armi says. "And one must stand out from the rest."

"It is our intention to bring our fashion shows to the world’s fashion capitals on a more frequent basis, and we are delighted to start in Tokyo where the crowd of Marimekko friends has been growing and growing over the years,” says Noora Niinikoski, Head of Fashion Design of Marimekko.

 image from here

paradise island

Image credit below

Curacao, my home, my paradise island. Though I have this intense sense of wanderlust, I fully acknowledge that I am one of the few lucky ones to be born, raised and now work and enjoy life on a Caribbean island. As with any place in the world it has its moments, but then - suddenly - when you find yourself floating over the crystal clear blue seas, filled with yellow coloured fish and grains of white sand there is nothing left but beauty, serenity and happiness. The ocean, the colours, the inspiration, the smiling people; it is all around, it is here, on this paradise island.
And then there are of course the amazing photographers who capture all this beauty through their lens. I have the privilege to post these beautiful images by Steve Bakhuis, based in Rotterdam, of Tamed.The model is Shaedith, the stylist is Charlysen Jansen, the accessories are by the beautiful Beck Dutch Caribbean, hair by Evita Held, make up by Jolanda Smulders and the assistant photographer is Nigelino.