borough market

Photos from own collection 

It was a (relatively) cool Friday morning in London when we arrived at Borough Market. 
Before we knew it we had some proseco, paella, oysters and sweets. Most stands will offer you a taste of what they have to offer.....and...if you are travelling, most will have a solution for packaging. 
A buzzing place, with friendly people and delicious food. 
If you are in London between Thursday and Saturday I highly recommend you take an hour or two to enjoy this market. (the Paella is splendid). 

borough market

Photos from own collection 
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Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market in SouthwarkLondonEngland. It is one of the largest food markets in London, and sells a large variety of foods from all over the world.

On our last day in London we spent the morning at the Borough Market. A spectacular place. We had some prosciutto, prosecco, paella, oysters and tasted some sausages, cheeses and sweets. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and eager to inform and have us taste all of the delicious food they had to offer. 
We stood in the middle of the market, eating our paella and have small sips of prosecco watching the people go by. Something truly priceless. 

If you are ever in London I would suggest you take the time to visit the market. 

happy friday

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Have a wonderful weekend, smile loads. 
Enjoy the opening ceremony of the Olympics. 
I am sure it will be as impressive as always. 

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
-Albert Einstein-