beach days

Images via Pinterest and from own collection 
Pictures 2 and 5 were taken on the paradise island of Curacao

It is Wednesday, and I am happy to note I have the afternoon off and will be heading to the boat with my friends later on today. There is nothing like a mid-week dip in the clear turquoise  ocean of the Caribbean. 
Have a beautiful day, wherever it is that you are today. 
Smile loads. 

hello monday, happy new year

Video by Mode de la Funk.
For more fun about Fuik Dag visit Ful Trot

Good morning and welcome to the first beautiful Monday morning of 2012.
For some of you still a wonderful day off and for others (like myself) the work week has started.
This week though we have an spectacular party to look forward to; Fuik Dag.
On Sunday we all head to Fuik for the party of the year (yep all that Christmas and New Years celebrating just isn't enough for us.....we close of the season and open the new year with an amazing beach party).

Have a splendid week.
Laugh much.
Smile loads.
Enjoy all the wonderful things this year will bring.


netto bar

Photos from own collection

Last night we visited a little, very well known, bar in the Otrabanda area of the island; Netto Bar. A place covered in memorabilia, photographs and little pieces of art. Their 'star-drink' is a green rum (yes, you're reading this and I drank it......go on.....laugh). It was actually pretty good. I would suggest keeping it to a little shot though. On Friday's this place is known to be quite packed with people, but yesterday it was quiet, with just 3 men at the bar and 2 ladies sitting in the corner all the way in the back (mind you, one of these ladies had a full cup filled with the green rum...... I wonder how she is doing this morning). She was dressed in a purple dress, with a chic hat (very uncommon here) and with her bag on her lap, while she sat there in a serene silence (we were loud enough) slowly drinking her rum.

As you are noticing from the photos above, I somehow ended up having a shot with the bar tender (wonder how many he has every night) (oh yeah, it was the police officer at the bar (off duty) who gave me the idea of joining the bar tender for a drink). We were there for only a short time, but we managed to laugh loads, and my uncle even danced (it was the day before his 50th birthday.....I don't think he is dancing today). The night ended with the 16 of us sitting at my mothers' dining table have a great dinner (ohhh and of course cake.....much cake....with many candles). Some times it is the most spontaneous things make for the best moments.

bejeweled II

Photo from Mon Art Galler

Design by Margo Nelissen
Photo from my own collection 

Design by Nicoline Winkel Querido
Photo from my own collection

Design by Sherine Kessock Leenders
Photo from my own collection 

Design by Rebecca Paz
Photo from Beck 

Design by Evelien Sipkes

Yesterday the show at the Mon Art Gallery in Riffort, Curaçao was impressive. It brought together a creative ambience which combined the different styles and creations form the designers, all in some way either inspired by or connected to Curaçao.    
Make sure to visit the gallery


Photo from own collection 
Landhuis Bloefhof, 25 October 2010

I sat on the wooden floor of Lanhuis Bloemhof, the gallery filled with chatter and anticipation for three movies made by Frank and Tita M. Chumaceiro in the 1950’s and beginning of the 1960’s in Curacao. The first movie, ten minutes of music and dance; the men in white suits, the women is long dresses as the band at the Piscadera resort plays a local waltz. As the movie goes on, the audience joins in with the singing and the air is filled with a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

The fashion, though over 50 years ago, makes the 2010 Louis Vuitton winter collection come alive (combined with some “Mad Men”).

The second film brings back scenes of when traveling still had its allure; the women walking off the cruise-ships in beautiful dresses and heels and walking into airplanes with little white gloves (despite the heat). The scenery of the island, so wonderfully shown, makes one smile of happiness just to realize that we live on this wonderful ‘rock’.

The third film brings us more music and dance; gorgeously dressed women sitting by the ocean singing and dancing and a wonderful closing scene of an incredibly proud group of people singing as they celebrate the beginning of the Netherlands Antilles.

And so, on this very special Monday in October, I left Landhuis Bloemhof, my grandma holding on to me (or I onto her…) appreciating evermore this paradise island that we call home.


source of photo unknown

In 1954 the colonial islands of the Dutch Kingdom became the Netherlands Antilles; it is a status we have become accustomed to, a status that has a prestige many other islands simply did not have. Tonight is the last night the Netherlands Antilles, as a country, will exist. Tomorrow when we wake up, in the country of Curacao, we will start a new chapter on this tiny island of ours.

Of course, we will still be part of the Dutch Kingdom, a status I hope we never lose. Not because of any political or economic reason; simply because I find that it is on itself an added value we should not live without or take for granted. Though opinions differ, Curacao would not be the island it is today without the Netherlands, or without its history in the Netherlands Antilles.

Curaçao, as a country will start off with a clean slate (financially speaking), and thus the opportunities lie in the ability of a new country and a new government to promote, encourage, inspire a nation (or small island) to rise to the best of its abilities and to use its resources in a positive and constructive manner, enabling the whole of the population to benefit from this opportunity.

With any new beginning there are always challenges and surprising opportunities; all of which I am sure will be handled accordingly in due course. All we can do is look to the past for lessons learned, look to the future with assured hope and live today as well we can on our little piece of paradise.

“One step must start each journey.”
Author Unknown