Images all from our own collection 
For some great talks visit www.ted.com 
For more info on TEDxHoogstraat go to our website

The last few weeks I haven't been posting as regularly as I always hope to. 
One of the reasons was this wonderful event we organized. 
A TEDx in Curacao called TEDxHoogstraat. 
It was focused on the future city and we had a live stream from NYC and live local speakers. 
It was truly a day of fun, learning and loads of inspiration. 
And I wanted to share some pictures with you.

Hope you are having an amazing week. 


happy friday

 Happy Friday everyone 
I hope you've had an amazing week. 
I've been a bit absent as we're in the process of organizing a TEDx event. 
Ted.com is a wonderful website focused on "Ideas Worth Spreading". I am quite addicted to the site and all the amazing, inspirational and innovative presentations they share. We are extremely proud and excited to be organizing a TEDx event in Curacao. It will coincide with TEDxCity2.0 in New York and we will be live streaming it and having 10 local speakers share their visions for the future city. 

If you have a chance visit our website and facebook page.

Oh and meanwhile at home.... we are in the process of rebuilding (when I say we I mean Mr. D, who is just amazing at this and at transforming my "think Nordic" ideas into reality). I will make sure to post some before and afters of our loft. 

For now, have a great weekend. 
Smile loads. 
Enjoy the details. 


Photography from my own collection 
The first 4 photos are in Curacao, the remaining are on Klein Curacao
Klein Curacao 
August 17, 2013 

The island we live on is already quite small. And though most people do not know it, our island nation consists of 2 islands, Curacao and Klein Curacao (small Curacao). Our tiny Klein Curacao is uninhabited, save for the daily tourists visiting the island after a 1.5hour boat ride. 
It is a sweet little paradise of a white sandy beach and crystal blue water, with the mountains of Curacao fading in the back. Quite idyllic actually. 
On Saturday we had a quick visit to the island. Enjoyed a bit of walking and of course the wonderful sea. 



On September 20th, 2013 we are organizing a TEDxCity2.0, our event will be TEDxHoogstraat and we are so looking forward to sharing all the amazing inspiration of TED, TEDx and our local speakers. Of course we have a blog especially for the event and I welcome you to visit this one as well. The link is here.

We are so excited about this event. I'll be posting some great links and ideas we have for it. 

summer love

 Image 1 by Garance Dore (always so wonderful), 
Images 3 - 6 via Pinterest

Yep, it's only Thursday, but I am already looking forward to the weekend and heading to the beach. 
It is always so relaxing and beautiful to be out on the ocean, surrounded  by so much blue. 
The water is such a nice temperature this time of year, it's summer and the kids are playing in the sand and on the slides. 
Island living - this is definitely one of the perks of living in Curacao. 

hello monday

Images from my own collection 
A few details from my home, July 15th 2013, a beautiful and cloudy Monday morning. 
I found peonies in Curacao...yippie and the Kiehl's body cream is amazing, thanks Odes.

Hope you had a splendid weekend. 
Mine was filled with relaxing moments and nice dinners with our families. 
Of course yesterday it was back to my "normal" Sunday on the boat and it was great as always. 

Have a splendid week 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit"

paradise island

Image credit below

Curacao, my home, my paradise island. Though I have this intense sense of wanderlust, I fully acknowledge that I am one of the few lucky ones to be born, raised and now work and enjoy life on a Caribbean island. As with any place in the world it has its moments, but then - suddenly - when you find yourself floating over the crystal clear blue seas, filled with yellow coloured fish and grains of white sand there is nothing left but beauty, serenity and happiness. The ocean, the colours, the inspiration, the smiling people; it is all around, it is here, on this paradise island.
And then there are of course the amazing photographers who capture all this beauty through their lens. I have the privilege to post these beautiful images by Steve Bakhuis, based in Rotterdam, of Tamed.The model is Shaedith, the stylist is Charlysen Jansen, the accessories are by the beautiful Beck Dutch Caribbean, hair by Evita Held, make up by Jolanda Smulders and the assistant photographer is Nigelino.   

happy friday

Images via Pinterest and

This morning I went for a morning-swim (at 7.20am). The water....hmmm.... quite chilly at first, but after a while it was divine. My weekend started with the appreciation for the Caribbean weather. I know it is cold and snowing in some places, so we need to appreciate the warmth wherever we can find it.....even if it is all the way in Morrocco for some people ;) So I decided to share some of this island beauty of Curacao with you (see images 2,4 and 6)

Tomorrow I will be starting my photography course, painting a Chichi (more on that to follow) and hopefully enjoy a few more swims. 
Have a splendid weekend. 
Smile loads. 
Look for the details. 

happy friday

Photos by Karien
Another day at the office
Santu Pretu (Black Sand....the only beach with black pebble stones on the island)
Our monthly meeting :) 
Island life can be great. 

It's been a bit of a different type of week, hence the lack of posts. 
I was in Bogota, Colombia first and then we had our office monthly meeting on the beach. 
Hope you week was great as well. 

Have a splendid weekend. 
Enjoy every moment. 
Smile loads. 

happy friday

Photos via Pinterest
For last year's post on Fuikdag {Curacao Fun}
For a little taste of what Fuikdag is like visit this link 

It is the first weekend of the year. 
Which brings us Fuikdag on Sunday. 
An amazing boat and beach party in Curacao. 
But first we start tonight with Su'legria. 
Hope you will have a fun and laughter-filled weekend as well. 

Smile loads