interior inspiration

 Images 1 and 2 via the always amazing 
Loving the Egg chair. Looking for one as well. 

Yesterday I had to remember this quote. 
For our TEDxHoogstraat media coverage I had a short interview on a local radio station.
Nerve racking I tell you. But - though I am sure it was not the best interview ever, I am (today) happy it happened. It was in Dutch - not my favourite interview language, but I managed. And hopefully the audience now knows about this great event we are organizing. 

Hope you are having an awesome week. 

think nordic


 While traveling in Scandinavia I so enjoyed all the wonderful, clean and natural design elements they have all around - though you might find different touches from Stockholm, to Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallinn - they all had the clean shapes and earthy tones in common. 
Now we are thinking of incorporating some of this into our home (ok...I have to admit I am the one saying "think Nordic" all the time......). We have a splendid loft style home, with a beautiful view and of course an amazing walk in closet. Naturally I will be posting some "before and after's" if we decide to go ahead with the whole "think Nordic" look. 
What do you think? Any ideas? 

interior inspiration


Both images via the exquisite Casa Tres Chic

White, with a touch of colour. I love it. 
Especially the green chairs and the red table - a bit of antique amidst the modern.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 
We are having quite some family over - always fun, with loads of kids running around, small family reunions and amazing food. Tomorrow we're having a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party for a little princesses.