happy friday

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Both taken in Hamburg

Happy Friday everyone. 
Hope it has been a wonderful week. 
I am back on the island and happy to be home. 
It was a great trip. I made new friends, learned so many wonderful new things, enjoyed the company of my friends in Hamburg and spent time with family. 
Now it is back to work and enjoying island life. 

Have a splendid weekend. 

back to the north

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Today I am heading North once again. 
First to Amsterdam, then Durham and then to Hamburg. 
This summer, instead of going South like most do, I'm on the trend up North. 
Looking forward to seeing my family again in The Netherlands, learning a great deal in the UK and having a great weekend in Germany.

Live is good. 
I am extremely privileged
And very grateful. 


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On our second evening n Copenhagen we had a delicious dinner at Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe. 
The food was simply amazing, the service very friendly and helpful and the whole atmosphere of the place was just special.  For more information on the restaurant visit their website/blog.
It is a culinary experience you must enjoy while in Copenhagen. 

tour of the north II

 Durham, UK

 Amsterdam, NL 

Hamburg, GE
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I am lucky enough to head off to Europe in about 2 weeks again. 
The main destination will be Durham, UK, for a course at the university there. 
Of course, flying to Amsterdam is an almost inevitable part of getting to Europe from here (not that mind... a great way to keep in touch with family and friends) and what better way to end the trip than visiting my friends in Hamburg. Again - Northern Europe is the place for me this summer  - absolutely splendid.



Images from own collection

Peterhof is an absolutely magical place in St. Petersburg.
The gardens are like a fairytale. Tulips everywhere, fountains flowing, an impressive and inspiring history and yes, we had blue skies and warm weather (so lucky). 
I hope one day you will be able to visit (I will surely try to go there again....with a bit more time to explore the grounds).

For more information on Peterhof visti the following link.

baltic tour



 St. Petersburg


It was absolutely beautiful. Such an great trip, with amazing people and beautiful destinations. 
I would absolutely recommend a Baltic Cruise to anyone - and the Silversea cruise line is a perfect way to do this. And as you can see - we had sunny and warm weather (yep - in Scandinavia). 

More pictures and restaurant recommendations will follow (because the food was so incredibly delicious)

Hope you had a great weekend. 

planning for cold

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It is no secret to those who know me that I have a few issues with the cold (ok, more than a few). Basically my body was just not made to handle anything below 21 degrees Celsius - which is great when you live in the Caribbean, but a little less great when traveling to Europe (honestly I have no clue how I survived 7 years (7 winters!!) in Europe......I suppose it was all those beautiful gloves and scarfs that got me through the pain). I do love the accessories, the coats, and all the beauty that comes with cuddling up to keep warm and so, this week, I have been meticulously going through my closet, picking out beautiful sweaters, detailed gloves and rain boots. I ordered a lovely white trench and had my scarfs dry-cleaned. So I think I am ready for this trip - umbrella packed  and all.

It seems that Spring is not quite in the air yet - although compared to last months' weather (yes I have been monitoring it for a while now) was significantly worse. So I am grateful for any temperature above 10. I also took a photography course (need to practice a bit a lot more), my journal is ready, and the reservations are Fiskebaren and Madklubben Bistro de Luxe in Copenhagen and at Mathias Dahlgren's Food Bar in Stockholm have been made- being spontaneous is one thing - ensuring we can enjoy these Nordic delights requires some planning and reserving.

While in St. Petersburg we will be attending Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre and taking a boat tour through the canals of this splendid city. I so look forward to the fountains at Peterhof, the splendor of the Hermitage and the immensity of Tsarskoye Selo.

Before we visit Helsinki, Tallinn and all the other beauties of the North, we will be enjoying Amsterdam. My second home. A city marked by romantic canals, tulips and a great deal of family and friends. On our return to Amsterdam, after the cruise we will be visiting the newly renovated Rijksmuseum (I am sure a 10 year renovation is well worth the visit).

And so, as I prepare the final things (and Mr. D. smiles at my immense excitement), I will continue to hope the weather will miraculously improve ( I know, it is wishful thinking, it is even raining here in Curacao) and pack the final things for this unbelievable trip.



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A bit of day dreaming before the trip. 

A city of the sea, Helsinki was built along a series of odd-shape peninsulas and islands jutting into the Baltic coast along the Gulf of Finland. Streets curve around bays, bridges reach to nearby islands, and ferries play among offshore islands. Having grown dramatically since World War II, Helsinki now absorbs over one-tenth of the Finnish population, and the metropolitan area covers a total of 764 square km (474 square mi) and 315 islands. Most sights, hotels, and restaurants cluster on one peninsula, forming a compact central hub. The greater Helsinki metropolitan area, which includes Espoo and Vantaa, has a total population of more than a million people. Helsinki is a meeting point of eastern and western Europe, which is reflected in its cosmopolitan image, the influx of Russians and Estonians, and a generally multilingual population. Outdoor summer bars (terrassit as the locals call them) and cafés in the city center are perfect for people-watching on a summer afternoon.
(from Silverseas.com)

the art of travel

St. Augustine once wrote that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. I believe this to be true. There is an incredible amount of splendor, beauty, awe inspiring scenery, countless cultures, interesting people and such a wealth of knowledge spread around the world. And seeing all of this with your own eyes opens up a world of possibility and understanding within you.

Travel makes for understanding. It brings the world closer together and drives away prejudice, well at least in my opinion it does. Though I travel often, I have not seen much of the world yet. There are far reaching places such a Bhutan, Mongolia, Japan, New Zealand, Ice land and South Africa which I still long to know. But those that I have seen; the stretching pampas of Argentina, the sunrise over the Champs Elysee, the colourful souk of Marrakech, the inspiring waterways of Venice, the snow covered Great Wall of China, the cracking glaciers of Alaska, the ancient city of Petra and the modern intensity of Dubai are forever instilled in my memory and have since been part of who I am.

Research is where the journey starts. And with all this research an intense need to share information comes up. I hope to share as much of the splendor I find (whether by own account or merely by day dreaming), with you. This year I have a few destinations on my list. In May and June I will visit Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Stockholm, and with my camera in hand I will be documenting and sharing all the intricate details of each city. 

{st} copenhagen

A city where history splendor and modern design come together and create an atmosphere of minimalist chic. Today a small piece about Copenhagen.  
Impressively, though a bit unexpected perhaps, it's one of Europe's great dining destinations and Scandinavia's most creative test kitchen.
The picture above is from Noma.

"In an effort to shape our way of cooking, we look to our landscape and delve into our ingredients and culture, hoping to rediscover our history and shape our future" - NOMA

Dining in Copenhagen reflects the city's rarefied aesthetic sensibilities and its constant itch for the new. What turned Copenhagen into a serious dining destination—now flaunting 12 Michelin-starred restaurants—is its increasingly patriotic emphasis on local Nordic sourcing and New Danish cuisine. At Noma, the pioneer of this purist movement, the whole Scandinavian ecosystem is dished up for dinner. The rise of local culinary pride isn't just limited to high-end kitchens: Traditional smørrebrød (open-faced sandwich) restaurants have won new respect, and Danish brasseries such as Madklubben and Restaurant Nimb have made herring plates, fish cakes, and meatloaf stylish again.  International restaurants that reflect the city's new multiethnic face are also driving Copenhagen's dining scene. Kiin Kiin, for example, draws foodie crowds for its ambitious Thai cuisine, and Umami fills up with scene-stealers who know their unagi from their anago. 

Despite all this very busy eating, none of the city's statuesque natives seem to have gained a pound.
For more on restaurants visit Concierge.com 

Strøget is one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets with a wealth of shops.
Are you interested in something a bit less pricy, then go to Vesterbro or Nørrebro where many upcoming designers sell their clothes. Try one of the many designer shops in Elmegade on Nørrebro where designers are present who will gladly fit the clothes to make a perfect match.

These days the Danish capital is blossoming. There is a spring in its step borne from a mixture of some brave new architecture, continued prosperity and a burgeoning confidence in its own charms
Copenhagen is clean, safe and ridiculously easy to get to know, the locals all speak superb English and the transport system makes London’s look like it’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It usually makes the top five, if not the top spot, in those ‘most liveable city’ lists. 

The winter is rough on the green patches in the city, but when spring is just around the corner, the colours are slowly starting to show. The leaves on the trees are on their way back, and here, there and everywhere the colourful flowers are popping up. Rosenborg is one of the many places in Copenhagen that has a beautiful garden where you can really soak up the spring. Crocus and other spring flowers are gracing the lawns. 

Torvehallerne, an upscale covered market that opened in September and is the first of its kind in the city. A glass walled indoor market in the working-class-turned-cool Norrebro neighbourhood, Torvehallerne is a mix of organic bakeries, coffee shops and fruit and veg vendors. It essentially showcases the best of all of Copenhagen’s boutique cafes, bakeries and brunch houses. And is home to my favourite, The Coffee Collective. This is a great article on the place. 

Copenhagen is a great city when it comes to exploring the uniqueness of Danish design, the timeless simplicity, quality materials and functionality. Danes are among the leaders in world design.
Whether you are looking for royal porcelain or the latest AV technology, Copenhagen is home to many flagship stores of Danish interior design and furniture.Go explore the huge showrooms – many of which are exciting combinations of museumgallery and shop.If you do not have time for it all, remember to visit Illums BolighusGUBI and CasaShop.
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“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson -