hello monday

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Have a splendid week. 

This week I have a bunch of great stuff planned again. 

Tomorrow we have an information day and workshop with the UNDP on the development of Curacao. I am trying out (and must say it is so difficult) to have a carb free couple of days. I started yesterday and though I woke up feeling great and energized - yesterday was a bit more difficult to get through. Hopefully today better :) 

I love the above images. So much light and chic. 


Thank you for visiting. 




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Peterhof is an absolutely magical place in St. Petersburg.
The gardens are like a fairytale. Tulips everywhere, fountains flowing, an impressive and inspiring history and yes, we had blue skies and warm weather (so lucky). 
I hope one day you will be able to visit (I will surely try to go there again....with a bit more time to explore the grounds).

For more information on Peterhof visti the following link.

parrot tulip

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The parrot Tulip. 

Although tulips are often associated with the Netherlands, they are not a native Dutch flower.  About four hundred years ago Europeans first discovered tulips in Turkey.  At that time Carolus Clusius, a famous botanist, introduced the plant to the Leiden botanical gardens in Holland.  Since tulips were extremely rare, and expensive, only Kings and Emperors could afford to plant them in their gardens.

The immediate popularity of the tulip drove Clusius and other horticulturalists to produce new colour variations to satisfy the growing demand for the flowers.  Over the years, many tulip forms were produced by crossing and hybridizing techniques.  Some had frilly petals, and dramatic flame-like colourations, that later became known as “Parrot tulips”. 

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hello monday

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Tulips in honour of the Queen

Today I started the week a differently than I would normally. 
Around 8.30 am I went for a morning swim. 
Not exactly the warmest time of the day to enjoy the water, though I must say it was invigorating. 
Such a wonderful feeling enjoying the swim and feeling so much more awake after. 
I hope to do this more often (though then it will be a bit earlier in the morning....). 
Hope your week is off to an amazing start as well. 


hello monday

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In the mood for a wonderful cafe to enjoy coffee with my friends and catch up and beautiful flowers at home. 
Living far away from friends brings diversity to all of our lives. 
Though some times even with all the technology in the world there is nothing like meeting in person. 

Good morning and a wonderful Monday to all of you. 
I hope you had an amazing weekend. 

Enjoy this week. 
Smile loads 
Appreciate the details.