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Image from Jak & Jil

Isn't it great to see this coming back? I used to love this look (I was a teenager then), could I pull it off again? It seems to be more chic now. With high-wasted pants, a jacket, a statement necklace? But hmmm, I am still doubtful if it would suite me again. Have you tried it?

happy friday

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This morning I went for a morning-swim (at 7.20am). The water....hmmm.... quite chilly at first, but after a while it was divine. My weekend started with the appreciation for the Caribbean weather. I know it is cold and snowing in some places, so we need to appreciate the warmth wherever we can find it.....even if it is all the way in Morrocco for some people ;) So I decided to share some of this island beauty of Curacao with you (see images 2,4 and 6)

Tomorrow I will be starting my photography course, painting a Chichi (more on that to follow) and hopefully enjoy a few more swims. 
Have a splendid weekend. 
Smile loads. 
Look for the details. 

a touch of imagination

All images from the amazing blog Miss Moss

"I was always fascinated by the absurdities and the luxuries and the snobbism of the world that fashion magazines showed. Of course, it’s not for everyone. Very few people had ever breathed the pantry air of a woman who wore the kind of dress Vogue used to show when I was young. But I lived for that world, not only during my years in the magazine business but for years before, because I was always of that world — at least in my imagination.”
 —   Excerpt, DV by Diana Vreeland