hello monday

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Dustjacket Attic (2,3) and Habitually Chic (1,4,5)
Loving the blue walls, the gold frames, the white dress, 

Happy Monday. 
Back to work and enjoying it. 
Somehow, after this amazing weekend, it actually feels the new year has started.  
Have a splendid day. 
Smile loads. 
Make it a beautiful week. 


All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.
T.E. Lawrence

happy friday

The week once again flew by and with a great double birthday weekend ahead (my father and aunt) (and more special moments), I am looking forward to many laughs, champagne and a touch of glamour for this weekend.

I love theses images, they each have something so serence, glamorous and chic about them.
(ohhh and of course the umbrella in the first image....exquisite)

Happy Friday
Enjoy the weekend
Smile loads


happy friday

It is a morning marked by wanderlust*.
Hope you have a great and happy weekend.
Smile loads.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
-Jawaharial Nehru-

A contemporary German equivalent for the English word wanderlust, in the sense of "crave for travel," is Fernweh (literally meaning "an ache for distant places").

travel inspiration

Images via the beautiful blog

Over the weekend we came across, what will surely be, an amazing, adventure-filled journey (not simply a trip and most probably not a vacation (in the relaxing sense of the word); but a journey, one filled with new destinations, uncharted territories, patience and new skills (yet to be acquired). This trip will be in a few years (loads of planning goes into this), but it so consumed our fantasies this weekend, I thought I would have to share a piece of it. (hopefully it will become a reality), for now....just a few wonderful images of gorgeous travel pieces.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
-Martin Buber-

{ps We'll be heading to Boston soon. If you have any great tips or ideas, do share}

happy friday

Loving these images

They often say 'time flies when you are having fun', well based on that I am probably having a blast.
Usually the days seem to pass by this quickly when I am on vacation. Which is great considering how wonderful all these days are. (Less great of course that they fly by.....some times you just want to stand still a little longer and savour the moments). So I will try to do a little more of that this weekend, no running around (even for all fun and exciting stuff) but just enjoying each moment.

Have an exquisite weekend.
Smile loads.
p.s. thanks to Tereze from Casa tres Chic for all her wonderful inspiration on BBQ's and outdoor parties.

dreaming away

Photographed by Lincoln Pilcher and styled by fashion editor Morgan Pilcher for Vogue, Australia. 
Featuring models Valentina Zelyaeva & Ben Hill
Images via Dustjacket Attic

I am in an absolute mood to indulge myself in the world of travel. Last night I spent most of the evening reading through Lonely Planet's Discover Thailand. (travel books have a way of transporting you for just a tiny moment to a different world..... absolutely wonderful).
And thus, instead of leaving the island tonight (yep a private yet would come in handy), I will continue to read my books and look at dreamy images of faraway destinations.

Have a splendid day.
Dream away.

magical places

An absolutely lovely blog
St. Petersburg, Russia
A magical place I hope to visit one day.  

"The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions—the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitessimals of pleasurable thought and genial feeling"
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge-