happy friday

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"Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere"
-Albert Einstein-

Have a beautiful weekend. 

A few lovely sites to visit over the weekend

On a little side note. 

Some how I had never imagined I would be buying (or receiving) a perfume labelled as Haute Parfumerie. (and to tell you the truth....when I did receive it I had no clue is was this....until I did some reseach). The scene was as followed; my mom and I were enjoying all the loveliness that a stroll through Harrods can bring when on our way out we noticed a range of perfumes, one of which....incredibly....is called Parti Pris (yep.... incredible). Of course we made some small talk, received a few samples and wandered off to dinner in Soho. Hours later the scent of the perfume was still beautiful, and thus, on our last day in London we made our way back to Harrods (cause, really who minds a trip to Harrods) and we each got one of the delightful frangrances by Terry de Gunzburg. (mine...as you might guess.....is Parti Pris......). 

The other scents in the Haute Parfumerie collection are Rêve Opulent (hyacinth, rose, floral notes), Lumière d’Épices (spicy woods), Ombre Mercure (iris, violet, patchouli, woods), and Flagrant Délice (fig, green notes, gourmand accord) and Parti Pris (tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang)