hello monday

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In the mood for a wonderful cafe to enjoy coffee with my friends and catch up and beautiful flowers at home. 
Living far away from friends brings diversity to all of our lives. 
Though some times even with all the technology in the world there is nothing like meeting in person. 

Good morning and a wonderful Monday to all of you. 
I hope you had an amazing weekend. 

Enjoy this week. 
Smile loads 
Appreciate the details. 


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And from Odessa. Visit her blog Tea's of Time. 
Visit Mikkels

A short walk from my friends house is this wonderful place called Mikkels where you can enjoy the most incredible breakfast. A favourite: the goat cheese and fig cream. It is such a darling place, filled with peonies, a few curiosities and delightful people. If you are ever in Hamburg, make sure to pass by.  

on a jet plane

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Bye bye Curacao....hello Hamburg. 
Tonight I am leaving to Germany to meet up with my amazing friends. 
Am so excited. :) 

Enjoy the week. 

 “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” 
– Jawaharial Nehru-


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End of the month I am heading to Hamburg, Germany (or as it is officially known, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) to meet up with my girlfriends. My dearest friend has been living there since February, exploring this fascinating and historic city, and now I am ready for a visit.

 Germany’s vibrant gateway to the world

Hamburg captivates visitors with its typical Hanseatic charm, extraordinary architecture from many eras, such as the St. Michaelis Church ("Michel"), unique atmosphere and more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and London put together. The abundant greenery of the city and impressive views of the Außenalster and Binnenalster lakes enchant visitors.

A discovery tour to the famous port will allow guests to breathe in the exciting aromas from across the world in the air. A sense of freedom and longing combined with the circling of seagulls overhead creates a mellow melancholic mood at the port. The Old Elbe Tunnel by the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (landing stages), which was a sensational technological feat back in 1922, is among Hamburg's nostalgic highlights and is well worth a visit. A sightseeing tour of the port is a real must if you wish to be able to say you have really seen Hamburg. You will get to know the Speicherstadt old warehouse district from the water, but it is also worth having a look when back on dry land. The largest connected warehouse complex in the world can now look back on its 100-year history. The HafenCity, which is well known beyond the confines of Hamburg, is currently the largest inner city development project in Europe. This is an impressive attempt to demonstrate how well living, relaxing and working in a city centre by the river can be combined.

The magnificent villas around the Alster and the elegant shopping streets between Große Bleichen and Jungfernstieg are situated in the immediate vicinity of the rather unassuming port district, the world-famous Reeperbahn and the trendy districts, such as Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel. On Deichstrasse, an old tradesmen's street with old residential and office buildings dating back to the 17th to 19th centuries, the past is within grasp. Those who prefer the present should take a stroll along the Elbe in the classy suburban district of Blankenese. The beach offers you a great opportunity to sit and watch the majestic container ships come and go. Hamburg also offers a wide variety of leisure activities, whether it be cultural events or a spot of shopping.
The Hanseatic understatement crops up again when it comes to statistical figures: the vibrant metropolis in the north of Germany is the second largest city in the country with the second largest port in Europe. However, as far as beauty and attractiveness are concerned, it is not only the locals of Hamburg who agree: the city is without doubt Germany's number 1. The unique atmosphere of this cosmopolitan city is sure to impress you. 
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afternoon tea

Images from own collection
Thanks to my dad for coming over and being the photographer

   Good morning and welcome to another wonderful week in November.
I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
Mine was absolutely exquisite.

It started out like any 'normal' Saturday, with pancakes in the morning and a bit of shopping. I was supposed to meet my mother and a few others for a late afternoon lunch at the Hyatt that day. My mom picked me up at exactly 4.05pm, and informed me that we had todrop off a large serving plate to my aunts' house (for a party she was supposed to have on Sunday) before heading to the lunch. (Mind you....just for some visual effects, I had just done my nails and was wearing slippers at this point). We arrived at the house of Anneliese, and just then it started raining. (to continue with the visual effects, I was wearing a gorgeous new blouse which I absolutely did not want to get wet in the rain and thus I place the serving dish on top of my head….and ran up the front porch to her house….not very chic I might add). Her car was not in the drive way, and thus I obviously expected to meet my uncle when opening the door.

As I peeked through the window I saw quite some people in the house. A few thoughts raced through my mind. First I thought, hmmm my mom was mistaken, my aunts event is today. Then as everyone yelled 'SURPRISE' I thought....hmmm they think I am someone else. But then I recognized some of my friends, and it turns out my amazing family and friends organized a surprise afternoon tea to celebrate the finalization of my master’s degree. It was simply, extraordinarily and completely exquisite. (As you must be noticing I absolutely did not expect anything….I mean seriously who runs up in the rain wearing slippers with a dish on her head to an uber chic afternoon tea).

Everyone was dressed stunningly with their gorgeous hats. The table was decorated with beautiful fresh flowers, china from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and my moms friend, (a detail I absolutely love), the delicious pastries and scones and the pretty name plates on each chair. The menu cards were printed on fine rice paper (thanks to my uncle for ironing these) and the tea box beautifully decorated by my mom. My friend Nara, gave a beautiful speech (thanks girls) and we even had gift bags filled with goodies from the aloe farm and Dior.

It was an amazing afternoon, with exquisite details and people I love.
I am truly blessed with such family and friends.


the friends we choose

Photograph by Eveline
Taken in France

There are some things in life, that when combined, they inevitably make for an amazing evening. Put together four friends, loads of gorgeous flowers (loved the orchids), the cool Caribbean breeze and fabulous pink champagne and you have yourself many laughs till the early morning hours.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” Tennessee Williams

rock the taj

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Tonight we are rocking the Taj (so to speak of course) it is part of our (hmm monthly) dinner parties at the house of my one my friends and tonight we are being spoiled with the delights of Indian food. So today, in light of our dinner some wonderful images filled with colour and spirit.

Have a spendid day

the offering

The red doors opened up and the incredible view of the Spanish Waters are visible in the distance, however, before that is even comes to your attention you are transported to another world. The welcoming Buddha, the infinity pool and the warmth exuberated by this wonderful house fills you up inside.

There was an offering, a celebration of the new (and a showing), a guest and of course a trip. The essence of these nights lies in the appreciation of our differences, the laughter that binds us together and the sense of trust, which can only exist in a circle. 

circle of wine II

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We walked up the candlelit stairs to the back porch of the house, where we were transported to the fantastic world of the Merlot grapes. The old met the new as we traveled from the flavours of New Zeeland, to the penetrating tastes of Italy, to the depth of Argentina only to agree (somewhat) that the history embedded in Provence grapes was truly the best of the Merlots. As the night grew darker, the array of wines were tasted (no spitting here though), our conversations became lighter and our laughter (much) louder. It is always impressive how we are continuously able to spend hours on end with a group of friends and still be surprised occasionally (only sweet and pretty things of course...... well, maybe some Gladiators were thrown in). May your next wine tasting be as spectacular as the one we had last night.

dinner planning

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We live on a small island, with a little more than a hundred thousand people, and some how it seems the most impossible task to get together with a few girl friends. We are either traveling, cooking, working, studying,  and more traveling (yes, we all travel often). So between the trips to Brazil, New York and Europe we have actually set a date. It is October, and this will most probably be the last time this year we will all meet for a quiet dinner together.... such busy lives we have here. Who knew that island living would be so hectic and filled with social events.

A big hug to the girls.