"In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful"
-Abram L. Urban-

I hope you have a wonderful garden to enjoy.


garden inspiration

Images via various sources

Today my garden is being cleaned up a bit. Just to have it a bit more presentable than usual.
Though one day I do hope to have a wonderful lush garden, were in the mornings I can sit on a swing (as above), have some breakfast (and if I work a bit on my balance I am sure to have coffee there too).
Loads of bright coloured flowers is all I really like.
(It will take a few years....but it will happen)

Have a wonderful day.
Smile loads.


In the garden of Chateau De Groussay
From a wonderful article from Habitually Chic

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein-

Emerge yourself in a world filled with fantasy. Broaden your horizons; know that nothing is unthinkable, unimaginable or impossible.


Photo from my own collection 
Colours in my garden

Today is Sunday, a day for relaxing at the beach, enjoying a good BBQ and thinking of nothing else but the amount of sun-block I should be using. Unfortunately this Sunday I am not on the boat, rather I stayed home, rearranged my house a bit, did some gardening and studied (ok, later on I will enjoy a glass of white wine on my terrace while the sun sets in the distance while listening to Brazilution 5.5 on the juke-box).

" Gardening is how I relax. It is another for of creating and playing with colours" 
- Oscar de la Renta-