happy friday

All images via Pinterest. 

I absolutely love the quote by Lewis Carroll. 
Hope you had a splendid week. 
Mine was more a recovery than anything else. I am ready for the weekend (to relax a bit more). 
Yesterday we had a lovely evening with friends, with some great surprising news, champagne and many laughs and memories. A great way to end the week. 

Have an awesome weekend. 


On September 20th, 2013 we are organizing a TEDxCity2.0, our event will be TEDxHoogstraat and we are so looking forward to sharing all the amazing inspiration of TED, TEDx and our local speakers. Of course we have a blog especially for the event and I welcome you to visit this one as well. The link is here.

We are so excited about this event. I'll be posting some great links and ideas we have for it.