hello monday

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful week. 
It was an amazing weekend (this is an understatement). 
One filled with loads of music (the CNSJ was spectacular), many laughs, great friends, champagne, mojiotos, a mini Fuikdag and an engagement (my brother got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend). 
Today it is back to work, but I am sure it will be a busy and fun filled week.
(with loads of preparations for the trip next week)

Have a beautiful week. 
Smile loads. 


It is yet another warm and beautiful summer morning here on the island. There is hardly a breeze, but the sky is an amazing shade of blue after the thunder filled night we had. 

Today I came across an article about Amber Venz, a jewelry maker from Texas. The photo shoot , by Andrew Hefter, for one of her collections is simply divine. 

For more articles about Amber Venz, visit Shelter and  Walking around where the side walk begins 

making an entrance

                                                              photos from my own collection

It is the first impression. The one thing you will always remember. It is that first look when you know there is a connection.   These houses give such a connection. Whether it was the "welcoming" gates, the long drive ways, the palm trees, the colour or the chairs, something about all of these houses was eye-catching. 

time travel

Photos from here and here

Last night I had the honor of being invited to a very stylish house warming party of a friend of mine. Marrakech was one of the favourite topics of the evening, and today I woke up still thinking about it. Marrakech is one of those cities were you can get lost by all the beauty you encounter. It is a place with so much colour and life, that it fills your heart and years after your visit you can still feel the magic surround you.