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In September my mom, grandma and I will make our way over the pond to Amsterdam to welcome a new member of our family to the world. So exciting. She will be a few weeks old then and it seems like the perfect time to meet her. 

Of course in all of this I am happy to visit Amsterdam again, I haven't been there in two years. This is a place I called home for six years, where I met my amazing friends, where I fell in love with tulips and where I oddly enough never owned a bike (really, I have no idea how I managed that). 

Amsterdam is a beauty of a city (especially when the sun is shining). The canals, the flower shops and parks make it the picturesque destination many travelers love.This city is filled with history, art and cozy cafes. With secret rooftop terraces, hidden gardens and wonderful Saturday markets. 

I am sure it will be splendid, once again.