hello monday

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Hello Monday
It is another bright sunny day on this paradise island.
We had a great weekend with the Curacao International Film Festival of Rotterdam and had the chance to see some great films.
Next month we'll be flying to Europe and I am already anticipating the cooler weather and all the lovely accessories that come with that (and all the flower stalls we will walk passed).
I hope you have a beautiful week.
Filled with smiles.

hello monday

First and third image from Tory Burch 
A beautiful collection. 
Image two, a beautiful set of peonies. 

Yesterday instead of going on the boat we did quite a few things around the house. 
Including some gardening. So wonderful to be out with the plants and the cool breeze. 
Woke up in a mood of whites and pink. 
Hope you had a beautiful weekend as well. 
Enjoy the week. 
Smile loasds. 

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better,too. 
-Paulo Coelho- 

happy thirties

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Some say life starts at thirty
Others say it is fourty 
Or maybe thirty is the new twenty
My life has been pretty great ever since I can remember
I am extremely grateful for all of the special people in my life who make part of it. 
Without them life would truly not be the same. 
And thus....I hope it to be so also in my thrities. 

It's party time. 
Let's pop the bubbly darling! 

happy friday

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Usually I am a very girly girl. I love the tiny details of the Laduree boxes, blush coloured heels, flowers and Dyptique candles, beautiful perfume and the luxury of a long bubble baths. But tonight (and last weekend) I will be at the Drag-races with Mr. D. I am slowly but surely learning how to (productively) be part of the racing team....which includes working on the engine....which means grease and oil....everywhere. I am learning though...(and the baby wipes are near me......no matter how much the guys laugh at it). It is fun though, and I am happy to part of it. 
So before all that coolness of motorsports, I will leave you with some exquisite images of Tiffany's, peonies and Paris. 

Have a splendid weekend. 

happy friday

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"Logic will get you from A to B. 
Imagination will take you everywhere"
-Albert Einstein-

Have a beautiful weekend. 

A few lovely sites to visit over the weekend

On a little side note. 

Some how I had never imagined I would be buying (or receiving) a perfume labelled as Haute Parfumerie. (and to tell you the truth....when I did receive it I had no clue is was this....until I did some reseach). The scene was as followed; my mom and I were enjoying all the loveliness that a stroll through Harrods can bring when on our way out we noticed a range of perfumes, one of which....incredibly....is called Parti Pris (yep.... incredible). Of course we made some small talk, received a few samples and wandered off to dinner in Soho. Hours later the scent of the perfume was still beautiful, and thus, on our last day in London we made our way back to Harrods (cause, really who minds a trip to Harrods) and we each got one of the delightful frangrances by Terry de Gunzburg. (mine...as you might guess.....is Parti Pris......). 

The other scents in the Haute Parfumerie collection are Rêve Opulent (hyacinth, rose, floral notes), Lumière d’Épices (spicy woods), Ombre Mercure (iris, violet, patchouli, woods), and Flagrant Délice (fig, green notes, gourmand accord) and Parti Pris (tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang)

amazing chic

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So chic, with a touch of pearl. 

"Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing" 
- Anon -

And all that "amazingness" is to be found in the smallest details. The birds singing in the morning, the sweet scent of candles, the tiny laughs when alone the car listening to a podcast (really I think the other drivers some times think I am quite a funny sight), the routine of my days and all the tiny surprises it brings. The deep red flowers blooming next the fountain, the welcoming smiles each morning. 
The sweet kisses good night and the knowledge that boat is just minutes away. The ribbon on my shirt, daily messages of my mom and the infinite travel plans (it is a long term project; with quarterly results). It is lunch at my grandma's, night clubs in the car and champagne nights with the girls. 
Where is your "amazingness" found?

happy friday

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Good morning and welcome to yet another beautiful Friday morning. 
It is a bit cloudy on this paradise island, but at my parents home all is pink. 
My aunt will be arriving from Amsterdam today for a short visit and we are surprising her with a baby-shower in honor of her granddaughter that will be born in a few weeks. 
Beautiful pink candles, pink balloons and sweet colored plates.....with loads of delicious food of course. 

Have a splendid weekend. 
May it be filled with smiles, laughter and some pink.