winter heat

Authum 2010 collection

Before we get all roused up on the spring collections let’s just focus on the fact that winter is just around the corner (I love saying this now, especially as it is, and will remain, around 30 degrees Celsius here for the whole year). But there is something about the winter; the coziness, the fireplaces, the coats, the fur (yes, I wrote fur…), the gloves and the hats that just makes it wonderful.

So, where ever you are in the world; remember the bliss of winter. Even if that means you are suffering from the unbearable island heat which comes after the rain falls. (yes, it is still raining).


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Today marks the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hermisphere. Where ever it is in the world that you live, enjoy the change of the season (or in my case, the continuation of the beautiful year round Caribbean Summer).

"Ah! well away!
Seasons flower and fade"
- Lord Alfred Tennyson-
Every Day hath its Night