the pelican

Photos from own collection

As some of you might know my photography-skills are not quite as wonderful as I would like them to be (class will be taken to improve this). But, I can't resist sharing these images with you.
Almost every Saturday and Sunday we make our way to the boat, cruise the Spanish Waters and head to Barbara Beach. This Sunday, we had a visitor. The Pelican. There he was, lounging away on the deck, soaking in the sun. (Mind you, he didn't move till we were almost ready to leave). Such a funny sight to see.
(Let's hope he is just a visitor and not a permanent resident.....this is an odor related matter).


sunday loving

We just came back from a wonderful 'mountain' climb. Now it is time to rest and enjoy the wonderful view of the West side of the island. There is a cool breeze ( a Caribbean breeze....but still nice and cool). Hope you are enjoying your sunday. 


It is always interesting to see how a day progresses very differently than you had previously anticipated. On this dark, cloudy Sunday, with the winds turned and the roads still damp, there were a few small surprises that made for quite an interesting day. There was of course loads of food, a talked-about nap, a funny little turquoise book, a touch of sheer and many laughs. 

"All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile"  

-Chris Hart-

sunday morning

Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli
Venice, Italy

It is a lovely, cloudy Sunday morning. Today there is no beach, no boats, no afternoon relaxation. I will be off to a study session (yes... unbelievable, I know). But before I do so, I will enjoy my cup of coffee and a book on the wonderful and impressive history of the Ritz in Paris on my couch as the sky grows a little grayer every minute.

Hope you are having a cozy Sunday morning as well.


It is a warm early Sunday morning on this wonderful island. The birds are singing in my garden, the kittens are hanging out on the couch and the sound of Cafe Del Mar's private session from Lovers Lane is playing on the juke box. 
It is the perfect time to immerse myself into the September issue the British Vogue with a cold glass of lemonade. How I love Sundays.