Images all from our own collection 
For some great talks visit www.ted.com 
For more info on TEDxHoogstraat go to our website

The last few weeks I haven't been posting as regularly as I always hope to. 
One of the reasons was this wonderful event we organized. 
A TEDx in Curacao called TEDxHoogstraat. 
It was focused on the future city and we had a live stream from NYC and live local speakers. 
It was truly a day of fun, learning and loads of inspiration. 
And I wanted to share some pictures with you.

Hope you are having an amazing week. 


happy friday

 Happy Friday everyone 
I hope you've had an amazing week. 
I've been a bit absent as we're in the process of organizing a TEDx event. 
Ted.com is a wonderful website focused on "Ideas Worth Spreading". I am quite addicted to the site and all the amazing, inspirational and innovative presentations they share. We are extremely proud and excited to be organizing a TEDx event in Curacao. It will coincide with TEDxCity2.0 in New York and we will be live streaming it and having 10 local speakers share their visions for the future city. 

If you have a chance visit our website and facebook page.

Oh and meanwhile at home.... we are in the process of rebuilding (when I say we I mean Mr. D, who is just amazing at this and at transforming my "think Nordic" ideas into reality). I will make sure to post some before and afters of our loft. 

For now, have a great weekend. 
Smile loads. 
Enjoy the details.