Germany’s vibrant gateway to the world

Hamburg captivates visitors with its typical Hanseatic charm, extraordinary architecture from many eras, such as the St. Michaelis Church ("Michel"), unique atmosphere and more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and London put together. The abundant greenery of the city and impressive views of the Außenalster and Binnenalster lakes enchant visitors.


A discovery tour to the famous port will allow guests to breathe in the exciting aromas from across the world in the air. A sense of freedom and longing combined with the circling of seagulls overhead creates a mellow melancholic mood at the port. The Old Elbe Tunnel by the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (landing stages), which was a sensational technological feat back in 1922, is among Hamburg's nostalgic highlights and is well worth a visit. A sightseeing tour of the port is a real must if you wish to be able to say you have really seen Hamburg. You will get to know the Speicherstadt old warehouse district from the water, but it is also worth having a look when back on dry land. The largest connected warehouse complex in the world can now look back on its 100-year history. The HafenCity, which is well known beyond the confines of Hamburg, is currently the largest inner city development project in Europe. This is an impressive attempt to demonstrate how well living, relaxing and working in a city centre by the river can be combined.

The magnificent villas around the Alster and the elegant shopping streets between Große Bleichen and Jungfernstieg are situated in the immediate vicinity of the rather unassuming port district, the world-famous Reeperbahn and the trendy districts, such as Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel. On Deichstrasse, an old tradesmen's street with old residential and office buildings dating back to the 17th to 19th centuries, the past is within grasp. Those who prefer the present should take a stroll along the Elbe in the classy suburban district of Blankenese. The beach offers you a great opportunity to sit and watch the majestic container ships come and go. Hamburg also offers a wide variety of leisure activities, whether it be cultural events or a spot of shopping.

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The Hanseatic understatement crops up again when it comes to statistical figures: the vibrant metropolis in the north of Germany is the second largest city in the country with the second largest port in Europe. However, as far as beauty and attractiveness are concerned, it is not only the locals of Hamburg who agree: the city is without doubt Germany's number 1. The unique atmosphere of this cosmopolitan city is sure to impress you. 

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Formerly known as Thonburi in the country Siam (now Thailand), Bangkok is an optional destination on the World Trip {wt}. (Somehow the previous names have type of grandeur to them....or maybe it is just me). Bangkok, a sultry and enchanting city, connected by its canals,  sumptuous spa's, magnificent roof-top dining and profound spiritual temples is sure to capture any traveler by surprise (at least so I have read... I have yet to find all of this out for myself of course). 

As the rest of Thailand (I really do fancy "Siam" more) is a bit too much for this trip, our history and temple desires might be set on the ancient city of Ayuthaya, defined by its colossal monasteries and magnificent ruins. (on an elephant with a chic umbrella as in the first image.....yes....I have a vidid imagination). Considering I have never been even close to Bangkok, geographically speaking (hmmm in any way to be honest), I find it quite a challenge to picture how a simple day in the city would look like. Though much can be planned and researched, it is the element of experiencing something for the first time, with all the surprising and unexpected moments, that really makes it exciting. (I am quite an avid planner, but the sheer knowledge that there will be an incredible amount of surprises, exhilarates me). 


*Ayuthaya * Chic Spa's *Wat Pho *The Grand Palace *The Sky Bar 

*Vertigo and Moon Bar 

It is probably the instant inspiration of summery moments that brings eloquence to many travel journals. Somehow I feel that though an ipad, laptop or in some instances even a phone are easy to carry they do feel a bit less personal than the good (old-fashioned) travel journal. One that many years from now will still be opened with the air of  each destination combined with tiny paper details that were once collected (hopefully no dust added). And thus, I am looking for this wonderful journal. One that is simple, not too heavy and just the right size to be carried around and scribble in. 

Such a great World Trip {wt} destination to look forward to. 

This will be the first 15-hour flight of the trip (I think the only one, but then again....the tickets are not booked just yet....and so there is still a small chance another one of these long stretches will be added).


Saint Petersburg

Peterhof is an absolutely magical place in St. Petersburg.

The gardens are like a fairytale. Tulips everywhere, fountains flowing, an impressive and inspiring history and yes, we had blue skies and warm weather (so lucky). 

I hope one day you will be able to visit (I will surely try to go there again....with a bit more time to explore the grounds).