Welcome to Concept 43 -devoted to bringing beauty to the world; be it through my blog or through my writing. Together with a few great partners I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of inspirational projects on the island of Curacao - my home base.

This is a source of inspiration. A place where one can "escape" to another world, even if just for a few seconds.

I am Priscilla, and I live for all things beautiful, extraordinary, simple, sweet and always chic.

concept 43

 43 is the numerical part of the address where my mother grew up and now has her shop, my grandmother still lives and where I share lunch with my family once a week.

The 'concept' part is mostly because I am still figuring out what this will exactly be - this being the website, the blog and to some extent also the content. Perhaps it will always remain a concept, which is perfectly okay.

the beginning

On February 3rd 2010 the first post on House of Tulips was published. Little did I know that this would become part of my daily routine - an unmissable and integral part of my life.

It was not just a place to share beautiful, awe-inspiring images, it also provide me with a platform to write, to share far-away places and to show the world the paradise island I live on.  

Almost 9 years after starting the House of Tulips my heart is still drawn to it.

and now

This is a place that goes beyond what surrounds me, where a journey is always beginning and where imagination is boundless. A place to share my photographs, thoughts and travel ideas which I have gathered over time.  

I welcome you to be part of this journey with me. Let's see what greatness may come.