happy friday

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For last year's post on Fuikdag {Curacao Fun}
For a little taste of what Fuikdag is like visit this link 

It is the first weekend of the year. 
Which brings us Fuikdag on Sunday. 
An amazing boat and beach party in Curacao. 
But first we start tonight with Su'legria. 
Hope you will have a fun and laughter-filled weekend as well. 

Smile loads

happy thirties

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Some say life starts at thirty
Others say it is fourty 
Or maybe thirty is the new twenty
My life has been pretty great ever since I can remember
I am extremely grateful for all of the special people in my life who make part of it. 
Without them life would truly not be the same. 
And thus....I hope it to be so also in my thrities. 

It's party time. 
Let's pop the bubbly darling! 

off to fuikdag


If you are one of the regular beach go-ers, then you are probably heading to Fuik in your lovely boat... however there are quite a few people (I would say the majority) gets in there in whatever floating devise they can put together that weekend. Fuik is usually a quite bay along the East coast of the island. (as seen in the second image). One day a year this is transformed to a huge beach party, bringing together people from the surrounding islands (and anyone able to find a boat ride to the island, as getting there by car is seriously difficult). 

Hope you are having a great weekend as well.  
With loads of laughter, dancing and smiles. 

the friends we choose

Photograph by Eveline
Taken in France

There are some things in life, that when combined, they inevitably make for an amazing evening. Put together four friends, loads of gorgeous flowers (loved the orchids), the cool Caribbean breeze and fabulous pink champagne and you have yourself many laughs till the early morning hours.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” Tennessee Williams