happy friday

All images via Pinterest. 

I absolutely love the quote by Lewis Carroll. 
Hope you had a splendid week. 
Mine was more a recovery than anything else. I am ready for the weekend (to relax a bit more). 
Yesterday we had a lovely evening with friends, with some great surprising news, champagne and many laughs and memories. A great way to end the week. 

Have an awesome weekend. 


Photography from my own collection 
The first 4 photos are in Curacao, the remaining are on Klein Curacao
Klein Curacao 
August 17, 2013 

The island we live on is already quite small. And though most people do not know it, our island nation consists of 2 islands, Curacao and Klein Curacao (small Curacao). Our tiny Klein Curacao is uninhabited, save for the daily tourists visiting the island after a 1.5hour boat ride. 
It is a sweet little paradise of a white sandy beach and crystal blue water, with the mountains of Curacao fading in the back. Quite idyllic actually. 
On Saturday we had a quick visit to the island. Enjoyed a bit of walking and of course the wonderful sea.