hello monday

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Have a splendid week. 

This week I have a bunch of great stuff planned again. 

Tomorrow we have an information day and workshop with the UNDP on the development of Curacao. I am trying out (and must say it is so difficult) to have a carb free couple of days. I started yesterday and though I woke up feeling great and energized - yesterday was a bit more difficult to get through. Hopefully today better :) 

I love the above images. So much light and chic. 


Thank you for visiting. 



hello monday

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(image 3 via pinterest_ absolutely loving these bracelets)

Welcome to a beautiful new week. 
I feel energized (with some muscle ache). 
On Saturday I joined Eva's bootcamp (at 7.30am). But the mornings here are wonderful this time of year. 
The temprature is a cool 24 degrees (which is cool for here) with a light breeze. We have the ocean as part of our view and though the running just about killed me, the whole experience was great.
Of course, ending the weekend with a wonderful afternoon on the boat is simply amazing. 

Oh and we got flowers for the house. It just makes waking up ever so lovely with the sight of flowers. 

Enjoy the week. 
Smile loads. 
Thank you for visiting. 

hello monday

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Loving these Hermes bracelets 
and dreaming of Paris

We had such a lovely weekend. 
Loads of relaxing, family dinner out on the porch, cooking on the boat, reading and just enjoying. 
It was a rainy and (cold...hmmm...24 degrees is cold for this island) weekend. 
Now it's back to work, espresso on the table to start another wonderful week. 

Smile Loads 

hello monday

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Beautiful Hermes watch, love the sight of peonies in the morning
and the ever so important morning espresso. 

"Overload them with kindness" 

Have a beautiful week. 
May it be filled with smiles, laughter and kindess. 
This week I am (re)focusing on some pilates, walks after work and healthy eating. 
Looking for the balance. 


hermes silk

Modern Hermès scarves measure 90 cm × 90 cm, weigh 65 grams and are woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. All Hermès scarves are hand printed using multiplesilk screens and the hems are all hand-stitched. Forty-three is the highest number of screens used for one scarf to date (the charity scarf released in 2006) one screen for each color on the scarf. Since 1937, Hermès has produced over 2,500 designs, with the horse motifs being particularly famous and popular. Production of scarves has ranged from 250,000 in 1978 to 500,000 in 1986 to 1.2 million in 1989. During the holiday season in its Paris boutiques, on average, one scarf is sold every 20 seconds. Besides being known for its texture and design, Hermès's scarves have another unique trait that is unprecedented; that is its scarves made with a scent.