baltic tour



 St. Petersburg


It was absolutely beautiful. Such an great trip, with amazing people and beautiful destinations. 
I would absolutely recommend a Baltic Cruise to anyone - and the Silversea cruise line is a perfect way to do this. And as you can see - we had sunny and warm weather (yep - in Scandinavia). 

More pictures and restaurant recommendations will follow (because the food was so incredibly delicious)

Hope you had a great weekend. 

planning for cold

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It is no secret to those who know me that I have a few issues with the cold (ok, more than a few). Basically my body was just not made to handle anything below 21 degrees Celsius - which is great when you live in the Caribbean, but a little less great when traveling to Europe (honestly I have no clue how I survived 7 years (7 winters!!) in Europe......I suppose it was all those beautiful gloves and scarfs that got me through the pain). I do love the accessories, the coats, and all the beauty that comes with cuddling up to keep warm and so, this week, I have been meticulously going through my closet, picking out beautiful sweaters, detailed gloves and rain boots. I ordered a lovely white trench and had my scarfs dry-cleaned. So I think I am ready for this trip - umbrella packed  and all.

It seems that Spring is not quite in the air yet - although compared to last months' weather (yes I have been monitoring it for a while now) was significantly worse. So I am grateful for any temperature above 10. I also took a photography course (need to practice a bit a lot more), my journal is ready, and the reservations are Fiskebaren and Madklubben Bistro de Luxe in Copenhagen and at Mathias Dahlgren's Food Bar in Stockholm have been made- being spontaneous is one thing - ensuring we can enjoy these Nordic delights requires some planning and reserving.

While in St. Petersburg we will be attending Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre and taking a boat tour through the canals of this splendid city. I so look forward to the fountains at Peterhof, the splendor of the Hermitage and the immensity of Tsarskoye Selo.

Before we visit Helsinki, Tallinn and all the other beauties of the North, we will be enjoying Amsterdam. My second home. A city marked by romantic canals, tulips and a great deal of family and friends. On our return to Amsterdam, after the cruise we will be visiting the newly renovated Rijksmuseum (I am sure a 10 year renovation is well worth the visit).

And so, as I prepare the final things (and Mr. D. smiles at my immense excitement), I will continue to hope the weather will miraculously improve ( I know, it is wishful thinking, it is even raining here in Curacao) and pack the final things for this unbelievable trip.



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A bit of day dreaming before the trip. 

A city of the sea, Helsinki was built along a series of odd-shape peninsulas and islands jutting into the Baltic coast along the Gulf of Finland. Streets curve around bays, bridges reach to nearby islands, and ferries play among offshore islands. Having grown dramatically since World War II, Helsinki now absorbs over one-tenth of the Finnish population, and the metropolitan area covers a total of 764 square km (474 square mi) and 315 islands. Most sights, hotels, and restaurants cluster on one peninsula, forming a compact central hub. The greater Helsinki metropolitan area, which includes Espoo and Vantaa, has a total population of more than a million people. Helsinki is a meeting point of eastern and western Europe, which is reflected in its cosmopolitan image, the influx of Russians and Estonians, and a generally multilingual population. Outdoor summer bars (terrassit as the locals call them) and cafés in the city center are perfect for people-watching on a summer afternoon.